How to use ClickUp to slice hours off your work week

Feeling crunched for time and stressed AF with tasks?

Maybe even missed some deadlines because of it?

Let’s keep it real here - you’re ready to ditch the anxiety that comes with trying to juggle all the things.

You’ve started the biz, you're in the CEO seat


Okay, a lot more chaotic!

Whether you’re an “organized person” or not, you need one place that holds EVERYTHING you need to do and remember - no more keeping it all spread out between your notebook, planner, Google calendar, and random sticky notes.

The wonder of getting all your to-dos in one place and OUT OF YOUR HEAD is unmatched as an entrepreneur. You MUST have a great task management system in place if you want a business (and a life) that runs smoothly and scales exponentially.

Which is why you need ClickUp in your life, plain and simple.

And I’m going to help get you started so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. It’s time to clear up some brain space and get productive with

The Systemize for Scalability Workshop Replay!!


I teach you the structure of the platform and how to set up and build out your entire organization within the platform.

PLUS an overview of the 8 SYSTEMS that I believe are necessary to have in place in order to have a scalable business model!

Hi, I'm Brittany!

I learned just how important having an organized, systemized, and well-documented business truly is when my dad unexpectedly passed away in 2019. He was also an entrepreneur, except he didn’t have any systems set up. I had to step in and figure everything out with no knowledge around what he was doing, and honestly, it was HARD.

After we sold the business 4 months later, I knew I didn’t want other people to build something that crumbles the moment they step away from it -- and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping you build your business with systems.

Let’s get the right task management system in place for you so that you can build a sustainable and scalable business - and one that grows without losing your mind!

Trust me- ClickUp will be the answer to your prayers

...once you see the peace of mind it can offer you, knowing everything is getting done when and how it should.

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