Launch anxiety can be crippling, and so can all the last minute things that pop up when you don’t go in prepared. If your strategy doesn’t account for everything (and I mean everything), then imperative things will slip through the cracks, leaving both your heart and your bank account hurting at what could have been a wildly successful launch.



The Launch Checklist is your new outline that will take out all of the guesswork and frustration that’s synonymous with launching!


Whether this is your second launch or your fiftieth, you know A LOT goes into actually presenting your offer to the world and filling up those spots with your dream clients. But maybe you’re a little worried that something will get missed, and you want to be 100% sure that you have all the vital points taken care of. 


So why not make sure you have all the things in place that you need in order to launch BEFORE you even get there?


Inside this free checklist, you’ll have each and every step of the big picture laid out into three sections for you: Conversion Event, Open Cart, and Client Onboarding. Say goodbye to the guessing and head into your launch with a clear and concise checklist that maps out everything that needs to get done, so you can plan, create, (and outsource) like a boss!



Meet the Launch Expert behind your Checklist!


Hi, I’m Brittany! 



I’m a Launch Strategist for overwhelmed, high-level business owners who want to have the most easeful and profitable launch possible. My passion lies in helping you create a flawless launch strategy so you can stress less and make more


With the success I’ve seen helping my clients with their launches (not to mention the launches within my own 6-figure OBM business), I decided to create this checklist just for YOU so you don’t skip a beat in your next launch! 

Snag your free checklist below!